Creating a new customer from a transaction

How to create a new customer from a transaction

  • Step 1 -> Login

  • Step 2 -> From the left hand menu, navigate to "Transactions".

  • Step 3 -> By default the most recent transactions will be listed. You can also search by Date, Card Number, and Name.

See "Transaction Search" for more information on searching for a transaction.

  • Step 4 -> Once you've located the transaction, navigate to the right hand side and select the customer icon.

  • Step 5 -> On the "Profile" Tab, complete the required and optional fields as needed.

  • Step 6 -> The credit card from this transaction was automatically saved and selected as the Default card.

  • Step 7 -> On the "Credit Cards" tab you can also add additional cards or edit/delete existing cards.

  • Step 8 -> When all desired information is complete select "Save" at the bottom of the "Profile" tab.

You can also create a new Customer without an existing transaction in the "Customer" section. See "Create a New Customer" for more information.

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