Jupiter to Jupico - Rebrand FAQs

Learn more about Jupiter's rebrand to Jupico here!

What is changing with the product?

While Jupico is the new name, the product and its functionality are the same. We look forward to assisting and building financial tools to facilitate your business needs.

When is the name change taking place?

Jupiter will become Jupico on September 1, 2023.

Will my login still work?

Yes, your login will still work but the login screen will update to https://www.accounts.jupico.com.

Will my existing data, including transactions and reporting, be available?

Yes, all of your existing data will be available.

Will my other user accounts still work?

Yes, just be sure to bookmark the new login URL: https://www.accounts.jupico.com

Who do I reach out to with customer service questions?

Here are the ways you can reach out to us for all of your questions:

Email: support@jupico.com

Phone: 469.445.4970

Help Docs: https://help.jupico.com/

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